sunor Dance

danceDancing is a great way for children to express themselves and Spotlight encourages this in a safe and non judgmental atmosphere. Judy’s popular teaching methods allow children to relax and let go of inhibitions thus building confidence and self assurance for life.


Technique plays a greater role down the line in the development of dance skills and movement.Judy covers a combination of different dance styles mentioned here-under:


starwh Musical Theater Dance

Song and dance play a key role in our annual productions which combines varied styles from popular musicals.


starwh Tap

History’s greatest tap dancers include Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Gregory Hines to name but a few. Children just can’t wait to get their tap shoes on and make lots of noise!! The interesting rhythms and patterns created make for very exciting combinations.


starwh Jazz

Jazz is the style of dance used in most musicals. There are many varied dance forms that have fed into jazz such as African dance, ballet, modern, show and theatre dance. Classes in jazz involve, stretching, isolation across the floor with jazz walks, runs, leaps, turns and finishes with a jazz combination.


starwh Hip Hop

This style of dance is seen on most music videos today. There are many distinctive moves associated with Hip Hop, such as locking, popping, body waves and glides.